Max for Live device

Particle Synth


Max for Live device

Particle Synth Lepton is an arpeggio synthesizer that generates random particle sounds based on the input MIDI note, 

producing up to 5 voices of 16th-note particles. 

This synthesizer creates a different random timbre each time, 

with each particle sound generated individually. 

Lepton expansion pack

By combining it with other Expansion Packs, 

you can create various variations 

in sound and appearance.

$ 3


This is a set of sound and appearance exclusively for Lepton. 

Lepton is required for use.


Max for Live device

The Tridelay allows you to specify the send level 

to three tempo-synced delays randomly, 

toggling them on or off every 8th note. 

Each delay can be configured with settings such as delay time (16n, 8nd, 8n, 4n), send level, repeat, and filter.